Thursday, January 15, 2009

baby shower

we had a great baby shower on sunday afternoon. my mom, aunt debbie, friend kim and her mom dk did such an awesome job of putting together a terrific afternoon. the shower was at our house since all of the hostesses live out of town. we got so many cute things for macie and can't wait to use all of it. my cousin justin's little girl, laine, helped me open all of my presents. she is so adorable! thanks to everyone that came and helped us celebrate the upcoming arrival of our little girl! 2 weeks to go (hopefully)!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

8 months

4 weeks to go!!! i've got used to her being inside me...i think in a way i will be really sad when she comes out. i feel like i am having separation anxiety. i feel great, though, ...still working out, sleeping well and teaching all day. hopefully labor and delivery will go as smooth as the rest of the pregnancy!


as we were driving around okc one night over christmas break we found these amazing trees. i can't imagine how long it takes to wrap them with lights like this.


it was so much fun to have babies around this christmas. blake got the boys a red wagon. parker really liked it, but peyton was a little leary. parker even went for a ride outside in their new wagon.
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