Monday, July 12, 2010

faves for today

can you tell that i have been taking lots of pictures lately...macie has mastered the fake smile!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

fourth of july

blackberry festival

blake's band played saturday night at the blackberry festival in mcloud.  it was wet and muddy from raining all day.  macie was following me and slipped and fell... when i turned around she was holding her hands up (crying) and covered in mud from head to toe!  i cleaned her up the best i could and then we enjoyed a snow cone and funnel cake (yum!).  she also had fun riding the carousel.  parker and peyton didn't have so much fun riding the was really rough...i'm glad we didn't put macie on it!
(fyi- we really do typically eat fairly healthy... i noticed in the last 3 posts i have mentioned junk food...we splurge on special occasions and it seems that there have been lots of those lately!)


last week we went with my mom and sister to visit my granny in clovis, nm.  we had lots of girly fun...scrapbooking, watching movies, having a picnic, going to the zoo, playing with the water hose, and lots of shopping and eating!  macie missed her daddy and by the end of the week her behavior told us that she was ready to go home.  we have been home 4 days now and i'm happy to say that she is back on her schedule and back to her normal, sweet self!

day with memaw

 we had a fun day with memaw... we went to see toy story 3 (ate lots of popcorn at the theater), went out to eat pizza, and then came home and worked in the garden (drinking lots of lemonade).  
too many delicious treats in one day!
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