Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the nursery

today's snow day gave me a chance to put the last pieces of the nursery together.  the room is officially ready for a baby now!

macie's birthday

3 weeks ago we took macie to american girl for her 4th birthday.  it was much easier on me not having to plan a party!  aunts, grandmas and cousins drove to dallas for dinner, dessert and shopping.  the guys all went out to eat while the girls were partying.  i think macie had a really good time and she came home with a whole new wardrobe for her baby, maggie.  thanks everyone for making her day so special!

preston is one!

such a sweet boy...just not sure how happy he is about turning one!  actually, it was probably the annoying photographer shoving a camera in his face that was making him upset!!!  happy birthday preston...you are growing way too fast!

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