Friday, June 29, 2012

days 2,3,& 4 in d.c.

wow!  what a whirlwind the last 3 days have been.  i don't think i would consider this a vacation...more of a business trip.  wednesday we had meetings all morning where we networked with the awardees from the other states and the national council of teachers of mathematics.  that evening we had dinner at the historic decatur house on lafayette square and listened to sam kass, white house chef and food initiative coordinator for michelle obama.  for the first course of the dinner we ate on white house china!  thursday was spent at the national science foundation.  that afternoon blake and i had the opportunity to meet our representative, james lankford, at the capital...right outside of the house floor (between votes)!  last night was the awards ceremony at the ronald reagan building.  i was fortunate that my friend (lisa's) mother (connie) was in town and was able to go with blake to the ceremony.  the guest speaker was arne duncan, secretary of education.  this morning we took a white house tour and had meetings all morning at the executive office building.  then we had the fabulous opportunity to meet vice-president biden and jill.  we were hopeful of meeting president obama, but he was in colorado all day meeting with people from the wildfires.  although my activities are over, blake and i are staying one more day to see dc together.  i'm looking forward to a day together at our own pace!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

day 1 in d.c.

after an emotional "good-bye" to our home this morning, blake and i caught the plane to d.c.  i'm still sad that we will not be going back to our home ever again.  this would be so much easier if our new home was done!  anyways, we got to d.c. a little after noon and as soon as we got to the hotel blake decided that he had the flu!  so, i spent the day sightseeing by myself!  he is so dramatic when he is sick!  i should have left him at home and brought macie with me!!! on a positive note, our hotel (the first 2 pics) is amazing!  so, so nice!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

all packed

we are just about all packed up... the movers are coming tomorrow.  not only have we been packing to move, but we have also had to pack for our washington d.c. trip and our couple weeks of "homelessness" that we will return to when we get back from d.c.  it's been quite a challenge making sure things get packed in the right "pile."  last night when we were finishing up, macie grabbed a box and put her last few items in and added it to the massive pile of boxes in our living room.  so, sunday the movers come...monday we close on our current house...tuesday we leave for washington d.c.... then when we return to oklahoma we will patiently wait a few weeks for our new home to be done!  i have a headache!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

a little peek

we're getting excited... our new house will hopefully be done in about 6 weeks!

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