Wednesday, June 26, 2013

mini vacation

we're not planning on a big vacation this summer, but we have taken several weekend trips.  we had a great time last weekend visiting aunt deedee and uncle carlous.  the evening we got there they had a big shrimp boil for us that was delicious!  the next day we went to the dallas aquarium and ate at in-n-out burger like we did last summer... i think it's going to become a tradition!  we spent most of the rest of the weekend playing in the pool and playing with carly's old dollhouse and barbies.  it was brax's first time to be in a swimming pool and he did great...  both of my babies love the water and i have so much fun swimming with them.  thank you deedee, carlous, jenea and caleb for entertaining us all weekend!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

brax's dedication

we had brax's baby dedication at church this morning... fittingly, on father's day.  both grandmas were there along with granny great and aunt cherith.  we are so thankful that God blessed us and trusted us with such a sweet boy.  we pray for wisdom, love and patience in raising him.  on a lighter note, brax did so good during his dedication and only cried for the few seconds that blake tried to hold him!

Monday, June 10, 2013


we took the kids to the zoo on friday.  i think it was probably the last half-way cool day of the summer.  macie and blake rode the paddle boats... looking at the pictures, i think i should have put rocks in macie's pockets...they look like they were about to capsize!  brax was good for the first couple of hours and then he got hot and tired and screamed for about 30 minutes, so we headed home early! macie was disappointed that we didn't make it to see the tigers, giraffes and zebras.

2 months

one smart cookie

we are so proud of aunt chichi for graduating with a phd in mathematics.  i had a ton of fun putting this math themed party together!


brax started smiling at about 6 weeks... but it took me a couple weeks to get him to smile when i had a camera in his face!

1 month

sip & see

this party was so much fun to put together.  thankfully, i did most of it before the little guy was born... and i also had lots of help from my mom, sister and aunt debbie.  we feel so blessed by all the friends and family that came over to help us welcome our sweet brax.


easter was brax's first sunday at church.  after church we went to grammie's house for lunch and chichi had an easter egg hunt for macie.  then we went to memaw's house where brax met his aunt marci, uncle brad, parker, peyton, nanny and pawpaw for the first time.  that evening macie got to have another egg hunt with parker and peyton.  the kids also each got really cute easter egg baskets from memaw and marci full of goodies!

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