Sunday, October 31, 2010

best halloween!

we had the best ever halloween last night with buzz, woodie, and the peacock.  it only took macie one house to figure out the concept of trick-or-treating.  then she didn't even want us to walk with her up the doors...and she definitely did not want any help carrying her treat bag!  after she would get a treat she would run down the drive way screaming "chi-chi, chi-chi" (her aunt cherith) wanting to show her the loot.  and after all the excitement she even remembered to tell us when she needed to go tinkle...even peacocks have to go potty!

bumble bee

i got to take some halloween pics of macie's sweet friend olivia.  isn't she the cutest little bumble bee!?!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


last night we attempted to carve pumpkins.  it's been about 7 years since i have carved a pumpkins...and frankly, i forgot how much effort it requires!  we cleaned out 3 pumpkins, but quit after we got one and half of the other carved.  blake wanted to carve "macie mae" on a little pumpkin and got through her first name and quit.  i originally picked an intricate ghost scene to carve, but realized that i better just stick to a simple pumpkin face.  p.s. - i know we should not have let macie play with the carving tools, but they were so cheap and dull that i felt they would be harmless!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


the junior class students worked so hard this week on the float.  i was so impressed with how motivated, organized and cooperative they were.  however, our float came in 2nd place.  macie had fun riding in her first parade.  i'm always glad when homecoming week is week is fall break...thank goodness!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

haircut & hurt toe

sunday night macie dropped one of her plastic dinner plates on her foot.  it must have hit just right (or wrong) because her big toe immediately turned purple.  she was up most of the night whimpering and crying.  for two days she wouldn't wear shoes and she limped around on her heel.  finally, today she let me put shoes on her, but she is still very protective of it.  i hope it's not too painful when the toenail falls off!  on a happier note, yesterday she got her first haircut! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

so glad it's fall!

this is absolutely my favorite time of year!  there is just something about fall that makes me really happy.  hope you are enjoying this season as well!
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