Sunday, November 29, 2009


it has been a very busy thanksgiving break for us. wednesday we went up to blackwell. it was the first time that we have been up since my mema and grandpa have been in the nursing home. thankfully they both got to spend thanksgiving day at my aunt and uncle's house with all of the family. thursday evening we drove to shawnee to see all of blake's family. macie got out of our sight for just a second and we found her under the dining room table with a huge chunk of turkey in her mouth...she was loving it! then friday morning we left for texas to see my mom's side of the family. my aunt debbie made delicious turkey enchiladas and a spread of mexican food. saturday morning we left texas and headed towards shawnee again to spend more time with blake's mom, nanny and pawpaw. i have vowed not to get in a car at all today! we are relaxing at the house and decorating for christmas... two of my favorite activities!

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