Monday, July 1, 2013


we spent all day saturday at an independence festival.  parker, peyton and macie had so much fun running around the park and playing games.  aunt marcy even waited in line with parker and macie for over an hour so that they could get their faces painted... the kids were so patient and both knew exactly what they wanted on their faces!  marcy's soon to be daughter-in-law, caitlyn, waited in line forever to get macie ladybug and flower balloon bracelets... that macie LOVED!  at the end of the day there was a spectacular fireworks display.  brax was mesmerized by the fireworks... i just had to make sure his ears were covered because he did not like the loud booms!  we continued in the spirit tonight by making 4th of july sidewalk drawings and hanging bunting on the house.  i had to twist blake's arm to hang the bunting... he says it makes our house look like an 80 year old couple lives here!  i like it, though!

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