Saturday, October 3, 2015


i just noticed that it has been three months since my last blog post.  it has been a crazy three months!  right after the fourth of july my dad had knee surgery and ended up with some pretty serious complications that have made him immobile since.  he is beginning to get better, though, thank goodness... and will hopefully be back on his feet by christmas!  while my dad was on his third stay in the hospital for his knee, my mom got results back that she has breast cancer.  we held our breath for about two weeks waiting on genetic testing to come back to see if she had the cancer gene.  all the women in the family took a deep breath when her results came back negative!  she will have surgery in a couple of weeks and do radiation and we are praying that it will go into remission permenantly!  so, maybe this all explains why i am feeling a little "creepy" this halloween.  i usually go "fun" for halloween, but i'm feeling the skeletons this year.  here's to my favorite month!!!

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