Friday, August 14, 2009

summer's over

well, summer is officially over for us. i went back to work monday and the kids came back wednesday. macie started with her new babysitter, jamie, who is a coaches' wife from school. macie seems very happy...i don't think she even realizes that i'm away from her all day. jamie drives a bus and meets me in front of my school every morning after her bus route to pick up macie and then brings her back about 10 minutes before school is out. blake has an office aide go get her and play with her for the last 10 minutes of the day. she ends up getting passed around and makes lots of new friends. i have had a good but crazy week. i think i still have pregnancy brain because i have made lots of silly mistakes this week. hopefully i will get into the swing of things soon. i do have a student teacher, kat, this semester which is going to be so nice. she's only been there for 3 days and i'm already attached to her! so, wish us all luck for a great, blake, macie, jamie, kat, and all the students!

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  1. Look on my blog, Balen is wearing the cute little outfit you bought him to go see Nana and Poppy!!


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