Sunday, July 31, 2011


well, our summer is over...despite the scorching heat!  i go back to work tomorrow and macie goes back to daycare.  i haven't done a post in a few weeks because we have had a crazy busy month.  blake started his new job as a superintendent on july 1 and i have been moving out of my classroom and preparing a new office for my new position as a high school counselor.  i am also looking forward to teaching an evening course at snu this fall for math education majors.  one of the highlights of our summer was a little trip to branson back in june.  macie had so much fun!  from having her own little bed in the hotel room to riding roller coasters and eating taffy, she absolutely had a blast.  she also got to visit a butterfly garden and go back that evening for glow in the dark face painting and butterflies at night.  one evening we took her to see the show noah (who she calls 'nonah')... all of the animals were amazing and she is still talking about it.  we also did some shopping while we were there and got daddy to ride a little train with us...twice!  i can't wait to take her on more trips...she was the best little vacationer.


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  1. pictures! easy for me to say, right? i love the one with the safari hat...and the one on the horse...and the painted face...they are all beautiful...


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